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Five Interesting Container Related Statistics

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Five global container stats that the office staff have been tossing around today:

1. There is an estimated 6 million shipping containers moving on ships at this very moment in time.

2. There is an estimated 10,000 shipping containers lost at sea each year (none of those have been ours thankfully!)

3.   The “Triple-E” series of vessels from Maersk are the largest shipping vessels in the world carrying a staggering 18,000 twenty-foot equivalents per trip.  At a cost of roughly 190 million USD, Maersk plans to have 20 of them in operation within the next few years.

4. The port of Vancouver handles 2.2 million twenty-foot equivalents annually.

5. It’s estimated that roughly 90% of everything we purchase, has at least had one of its components inside a shipping container at one time. That’s a crazy thought no?


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