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Corten Steel : Why Weathering Steel is Used in Shipping Containers

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Corten Steel – What it Means for Containers

Shipping containers are fabricated from what is know as corten steel; typically referred to as “corten”. The corten steel is a weathering steel that is more durable to long term corrosion which makes it ideal for the salty conditions found on the ocean and ports globally. It’s chemical properties exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion and therefore create a formidable layer protecting it against new weather. In construction today, the material is often used as an architectural feature on buildings. As displayed in the above photo, it can can make for an interesting cladding option!

What does this mean for you as an owner of a shipping container? Many of our Clients leave their containers for countless years without ever touching up the paint. We do recommend you check older containers for excessive corrosion to ensure the elements are staying where they belong; outside! However, if you do have a unit that needs to be freshened up, give us a call. We have ample access to the necessary materials and personnel to bring an old container back to it’s original glory!

Want to see some other great examples of the steel in action? Check out this post from Houzz:

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